We get asked the question a lot, โ€œHey guys, how can I support Smashboxx.TV?โ€. And in the past we have always brushed it off saying that we wanted to first prove ourselves to you, our viewers. Well, we feel that after years of broadcasting and podcasting, we think it is an appropriate time to put up this page. So are a few ways that you can help support the broadcast.

You can regularly support SmashBoxxTV at:

Patreon is a service that pays creators based on what you think they are worth. You can donate as little as a dollar per podcast and be entered in our weekly prize drawing.

Donate by PayPal.

Send a one time donation via Paypal. Please donโ€™t click on the recurring button please, it only works for certain types of accounts.

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  1. Thank you so much for the great coverage!!! It just keeps getting better. I’ll try to continue getting in the habit of throwing some cash your guys way every single tournament I watch!

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  2. I hope the donation helps. Keep up the great work and I am eager to see what you guys have coming up in the final two days of the Memorial.

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  3. Awesome that I’m able to watch live from Switzerland. Thanks so much for the coverage.
    Looking forward to watching more this upcoming season. Keep up the solid effort.

  4. Thanks for all of the hard work. The Memorial was a lot of fun to watch live. The exhibition match as the kickoff to the event is a great format, and I hope you can continue it The hole previews were a good idea as well. It is nice to see the casual side of some of the pros. There was some really nice camera work throughout the week. Keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to your next event.

  5. Thanks for your contributions to the disc golf community! I enjoy your regular podcasts and the live event coverage. Way to stay cool under fire. Or is live video coverage of a remote outdoor event in the rain low-pressure? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. I would like to see 36 cameras on the field .
    Terry in announcers box monitoring the field, with other comatary on each hole.
    This way you could follow the lead card and any oyher hot action through the day

  7. I sent money via PayPal in appreciation of your excellent work, especially this weekend in Vermont for the Disc Golf Pro Tour.
    You really outdid yourself, and the coverage was superb! I am also amazed at the UDisc statistics, which make watching the event much more interesting.
    I know your technical setup of cameras, cell phone video, etc. is complicated but when I think of what you are able to do with just a few people,
    compared to what outfits like ESPN do at a golf tournament with millions of dollars worth of equipment and a crew of 30+, it is even more amazing.
    I know as I used to be Technical Director (I did the live video switching) for ESPN at numerous golf, tennis, basketball, football, soccer, etc. all over the east coast.
    Since I retired from that it’s gotten even more outrageously complicated with usually two trailers of equipment, plus a satellite truck, etc etc,
    So kudos for creatively using all the new gadgets to bring us disc golf from the deep woods and far flung courses!
    I think you have raised the bar for covering disc golf tournaments; do you think the World Tour is paying attention?

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